A great year for equities

Financial investments


Holta Invest has an investment strategy for financial assets, which focuses on Norwegian and international market-based securities, including equities, bonds, and other interest-bearing products. The risk profile and the allocation strategy are continuously reflecting our perception of the macroeconomic environment. At the end of 2013 Holta Invest had total financial assets at a total book value of more than NOK 1.8 billion, which yielded a return of 15 per cent in 2013. The stocks portfolio developed very positively and ended with a total return of 37 per cent, by far the best ever. Investments in the Norwegian market gave 34.1 per cent, against the OSEBX index, which rose by 23.6 per cent. With a little “add on? from our portfolio of international companies, hereunder the great performing health care portfolio, we were able to make 37 per cent in total. Adding the high yield portfolio returning a healthy 9.5 per cent, the NOK 236.3 million return also was a record number.

Our investment strategy is characterised by;

  • High liquidity requirement
  • Long-term investment horizon
  • No financial gearing
  • Active portfolio management and absolute return